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Air China Airlines Phone Number: Experience the Fantastic

We believe that travel around the world should not be tough. It is something everyone should be done in their life. Go & spend your time in these beautiful destinations. it’s significant to see what is out there. And it’s up to you to make the dream come true and take the first step.

Not sure where to start? You can always call Air China Airlines Phone Number for destinations and offers consultants and get some free advice. Feel free to connect with us via Air China Phone Number.

Exclusive Deals

We have specific deals and offers for different travel packages that will take care of your journey expenses. You can travel cheaply along with the best amenities with Air China Airlines. Just by calling on Air China Airlines Phone Number, you will get to know different tour packages for most amazing destinations in no time. We know that when you travel in extravagance it always comes at a price. Here, we have the best-suited discounts to give you the finest booking advantage with us. To know about the deals and offers call at our Air China Airlines Phone Number.

Delicious Meals, Snacks & Drinks

Economy travellers can relish healthy pleasure-seeking meals made with wisely chooses ingredients onboard their flight. Depending on the time and duration of your flight, a traveller will be provided with snacks, breakfast, lunches, and dinner. For shorter flights, a flyer may take hamburgers, sandwiches, or snacks such as Chinese cake. A flyer can enjoy a selection of coffee, teas, soft drinks, wines, champagnes, cognac, spirits, and beer onboard Air China flights.

Baggage Information

Baggage is part of travelling. The number and total weight of the handbag depend according to your cabin class. Further, you can add more bags to your booking if required. Free baggage allowance will be complete during the reservation process. To know more about baggage details contact Air China Airlines Phone Number.

Checked Baggage

Domestic Flights:

For First Class- 40 kg

For Business Class-30Kg

For Economy Class-20Kg

According to airlines policy, The height(40cm), width(60cm) and length(100cm) of each bag does not exceed.

International Flights:

For First/Business Class- Flyer may check-in two pieces of baggage for free (each 32kg).

For Premium Economy Class- 2 pieces of regular baggage for free (each 23kg).

For Economy Class- Flyer may check in two items of baggage for free (each 23kg).

Carry-On Baggage

Air China passengers in first class and business class, the hand baggage allowance is 2 pieces and weight must not exclude than 8kg(each). The baggage grant for Economy Class passengers is in a single piece, weight does not exceed than five kg. Carry-on baggage must not surpass the size of 20cm x 40cm x 55cm. Any baggage that does not fit in front of your seat or the overhead cabin, you will have to be checked into the hold.

Check-In Information

Online Check-In

You can check-in by visiting the Air China website.

Airport Check-In

Customers must arrive early at the airport before the check-in desk shut-downs. Check-in final time will vary according to the flight's departure. Overall, domestic flight passengers must arrive 45 minutes earlier to departure and 1 hour earlier for international flights.

Special Services

Requests for special services can ask or complete at the booking time, by completing the special request form; we then pass this information on to the airline. Your special service can include requesting an extra seat, mobility help, or requesting permission to fly with animals or medical equipment. Whatever your need, Air China Airlines Phone Number is here to help. You can also contact our Air China Phone Number after making your booking, or to find out more.

Your Travel Buddy

If you get stuck at any step of your booking process, experts at Air China Phone Number are there for your rescue. Our aim to serve you throughout your travel to make your journey comfortable. If you want a joyful and peaceful journey, contact our expert team. They are ready to assist you. You can contact us at Air China Airlines Phone Number at any time. They are 24*7 available for you. Call us at our Air China Phone Number to get your services free of cost.

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