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Most Asked Southwest Airlines Customer Service Questions

Southwest Airlines not like other airlines, it's unique in themselves. It’s a low-cost carrier but serves in-flight services similar to traditional airlines. However, Southwest fare structure, boarding process, and other flight-related rules help this airline to stand out traditional carriers’ lines. This airline is breaking the mold of the airline’s kind and serving customers the best of both worlds.

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This is the largest low-cost carrier in the world and handles thousands of customers per day. However, there are a few questions that troubles flyers. So, here we are mentioning some of the asked questions to Southwest Airlines Customer Service.

Popular Customer Service Questions

We take questions from every section and made this list of questions related to Southwest Customer Service.

What is the process of Unaccompanied Minor and how this works?

Children between five through 11 years old flying without an accompanying passenger (at-least 12 years old or older) must travel as an Unaccompanied Minor (UM). There is an extra charge each way in adding to the flight ticket fare per child.

UMs are allowed only to travel on direct or non-stop (makes stops but does not need a change of aircraft or flight number) flights.

Southwest will not transport any UM on flights that may be canceled or diverted due to some operational abnormalities or inclement weather. Plus, there are some specific processes that unaccompanied minors must follow their entire journey. In any situation, parents or guardians can contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service

What is the baggage allowance of Southwest Airlines?

Southwest allows one carry-on bag plus one smaller personal item. Customers are allowed 2 checked baggage free of cost, with some weight and size restrictions. The airline only charges for excess and overweight items. If customers want to buy extra baggage allowance, they can contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service.

Where to get a replacement copy of the itinerary?

If somehow a passenger lost its itinerary details, they can retrieve it easily with their confirmation number. For this, visit the official website of Southwest and search for the itinerary information with the help of confirmation number, first and last name. If passengers do not have the confirmation number, contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service.

How to get miles, if someone forgot to enter their Rapid Rewards Number?

Passenger can request for their previous flight points for up to one year after the flight. To claim rapid reward points for the past flight, simply login to the account, click on My Account, and select the Manage option located within My Rapid Rewards. Select Request past points located in a grey bar and enter the record locator or confirmation number from the reservation. After confirmation of the flight information reward points will be transferred into the account. For assistance or inquiries contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service.

How to contact Customer Service?

It’s really easy to contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service. All you need to call on their toll-free number or reach the live chat service.

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